Us Taliban Peace Agreement Draft

Errors are already emerging in the negotiation process. The exclusion of the Afghan government from the talks will complicate the implementation of the agreement. That`s already the case. President Ashraf Ghani refused to release the Taliban prisoners. He said his government had not accepted a prisoner exchange and that the release of Taliban prisoners could not be a prerequisite for talks with the insurgents. On 2 March, the Taliban ordered their fighters to resume operations against Afghan security forces. Shortly thereafter, an explosion at a football stadium in Khost province killed three civilians and injured seven others. On March 4, the United States launched a « defensive » air strike against Taliban fighters in Helmand, in response to a series of insurgent attacks throughout Afghanistan. Developments after the agreement do not bode well for the future. Just as the withdrawal of U.S. armed forces from Afghanistan is the Taliban`s main demand in the agreement, the United States has made the abandonment of ties with other uprisings its main demand. Representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban said they had reached a tentative agreement to advance peace talks, their first written agreement in 19 years of war. At his press conference, Trump hinted that the Taliban would take over the fight against the Islamic State and others, although the agreement and a separate joint statement with the Afghan government only undersindinate the Taliban`s responsibility to prevent terrorist groups within Taliban-controlled areas.

After nine roundtable discussions, negotiators signed a peace agreement in February 2020 that addresses four key themes: Wednesday`s agreement sets out the way forward for further talks, but is seen as a step forward in allowing negotiators to move on to more substantive issues, including ceasefire talks. CONTEXT: On February 29, the United States and the Taliban signed the peace agreement in Afghanistan in Doha, the capital of Qatar. This is a historic development, as it is the first time that the two opponents have signed an agreement. In addition, the Doha agreement has the potential to end the brutal struggles that have hung over the United States and the Taliban for more than 18 years. This is therefore an important step in their decades-long hostile relationship. It also offers the United States the opportunity to end its longest war. Although the United States has also withdrawn troops from Afghanistan in the past, these were unilateral measures. On the other hand, the imminent withdrawal of U.S. troops will result from an agreement between Washington and the Taliban and will continue on an agreed timetable. One diplomat said Khalilzad had proposed the idea of « freezing » the agreement on the two central issues and waiting for the Taliban to meet the conditions for their completion. But he also hinted that President Trump`s already diminished patience could be put to the test. Many veterans of years of efforts to end the war and leave a stable Afghanistan, as well as Trump supporters, questioned whether the new agreement had established a solid foundation for a lasting peace.

Some have called it a capitulation to the Taliban, whose main demand has always been the total withdrawal of foreign troops.